Tuesday, 02 March 2010

300 Double Unders
(1200 singles)

For Time

Post time to comments

Compare to 15 DEC 09


  1. 9:44 – singles

  2. 7:32 RX, PR by 15 seconds. Great job everybody!

  3. Melanie did 1500 M row in 7:45.

  4. patricelott says

    13:30 – singles

  5. Robert says

    8:11 Rx

  6. 14:38 singles

  7. Michel says

    9:22 Singles
    Dec 15 09 was 13:10. THAT IS A PR!
    Double unders here I come. Great fun today. Did the 1 mile CFE.

  8. Hi all! I love this WoD, but will wait until the next go-round. I've been cleared to drive :-), but no CF 🙁 for now. I'll keep up vicariously through your posts! Save the 27th of March for the Primavera Brabeque!

  9. Michel says

    Anne, so great to see your post! I thought of you today as we did this WOD together upstairs with Erin, Melanie, and Jaime. Keep up the healing and drive your heart out. Maybe you could do a shuttle between MPCF and The Health Zone, beverage service and a "block" assortment of goods. Wouldn't miss the Brabeque. I have doozy in your honor.

    Have a NASCAR week!

  10. 9:31 rx slower this time by 20 seconds. blech!!
    Good to hear from you, Anne. We miss you in the a.m.

  11. 9:43 rx great job Stacy, Ginny, and Nancy. Lou, my mission is to teach you jump rope.

  12. Vernice says

    Anne, thank you for posting in.. I have been thinking about you. Glad to know you are doing well. Your spirit is what will be a great healing factor.
    only did 600 singles, can't remember the time, it was slow. I had a horrible jump rope. then I did the CFE, row 1500, 7 minutes and some change.

  13. 7:08!!! So don't know I pulled that off !!
    Great job today guys!!

  14. PS I sooo miss working out with you Anne!! U miss your awesome attitude!! Can't wait for bra- bq!!! 🙂 and lou I ditto amber mission: project lou jumping!

  15. Stacy J says

    17:15 combo of both doubles and singles PR
    I did 42 singles and 14 of them in a row

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