Wednesday, 24 February 2010

3 rounds

10 Clean & Jerks (135/90)
15 Ring Dips
20 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)

For Time

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  1. Can't wait to do this tomorrow.

  2. 17:42 RX Great job 5:30's!

  3. Melanie said 16:43. Mods were 65 lbs, and 1" band for ring dips.

  4. 25:43 – 95lb C&J; the judge was forgiving on my ring dip form

  5. I was a weenie today 80 lb clean and jerks
    bandless dips–not full range of motion
    35 lb kbs

  6. Ugh try this again ( hate predicted txt on my phone)!!
    15:10 80 lbs c&j rx kbs and dips
    ~ I played weenie with Jamie bcuz I need to get the "jerk" part of the clean and jerk, need to really get the stomp! I was forgiving on my own form on that John! But you did awesome, getting on the rings is the first step. Kinda like hspu it may be a tiny dip at first but you will get stronger! I'm so glad how many are trying the rings!! You guys did great today ! Great push on a rough wod!

  7. 15:34 I think
    Banded RD
    65 pound C&J
    45 pound KB
    Debbie was @ 16:30
    Jaime thinks 80 pounds is weenie? I'm not worthy!

  8. Ah sorry Coby. I got you beat on unworthy…did you smack down on your butt THREE times doing OHS and get the "ran into the coffee table" syndrome on your left ankle? Were you a BEFORE CrossFit picture – Gumby hit by a bus? Saw the WOD and I had visions of me hanging from the rings a la Jack Sparrow. See you tomorrow and we can duke it out for champ.

  9. 21:34 Rx –thx Erin for the coaching and great work 0530 crew

  10. Ginny said..

    13:53..65# and 1 inch band…Tough one for sure!

  11. 11:41 ?? 80lb w/banded dips
    I should have gone ahead with the 90lbs. Oh well!

  12. 17:something without full range of motion on ring dips

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