Friday, 05 Feburary 2010

This is in celebration of Erin’s Birthday
She is now…I will let you guess!

26 Pull-up
26 Squats
26 Sledge Swings (each side)
26 Lunges (each leg)
26 Push-ups
26 Deadlifts (225/135)
26 Push-ups
26 Lunges
26 Sledge Swings
26 Squats
26 Pull-ups

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  1. 22:30 – 195lb deadlift

  2. Melanie said…

    23:11/skinny band for pull ups/knee pushups
    Great job Robert, John, and Danny.
    This was a great workout!!! 🙂

  3. 20:10 RX Great job everybody! WOD went quickly until the deadlifts. Seemed like I spent a month and a half there. Still zoning. Energy is up, but haven't really lost any weight. Protein and fats are easy to cover (meat and pecans or walnuts). The carbs are much tougher to account for.

  4. 20:11 Rx

  5. patricelott says

    Sorry I missed it but I'm in Memphis, waiting for my flight to Tallahassee to see a bunch of relatives. I'll be at CrossFit Monday!

  6. 26:49 ~ SU for SHS; 2" band PLU; knee PU; 65 lb dead lifts:) ~ I was aiming for 26:26… but for the PLU I could have done it! Great workout!

  7. 20:01 rx did 10 lb sledges
    great job everyone!!
    ~ zone is getting easier just had a "cheater" day yesterday but who cares it was my bday!!! 🙂

  8. 23:22 rx with 10 lb sledge.

  9. I honestly do not remember my time, I think it was 21:13?? What I was excited about today was the fact that I did RX push ups! Ive been doing them in my warm up but this was a first to do them in a WOD. I have been mostly doing the zone but not to a tee… I have lost my 3 Christmas pounds. Great job to everyone today. this has been an intense week of workouts and we did it!

  10. Thursday's WoD ~ 90 cal & 1075 singles (~264 double unders)

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