Tuesday, 02 Feburary 2010


50-40-30-20-10 reps of:

Dounle Unders

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Compare to 01 DEC 09


  1. 11:11 – PR
    4:1 Singles
    Solid day for everyone. Thanks Erin!

  2. 7:10 RX unanchored with Abmat. Great job everybody. Robert, I am not worthy!

  3. 6:15 Rx abmat unanchored. Amazing work Danny!

  4. Melanie said…


    Great job everyone!!! 🙂

  5. 8:51 rx unanchored sit ups (not brave enough for abmat)

  6. 14:29 ~ If I join the 5:30 group, will I miraculously be able to do this RX in half the time? Great to work out with Erin, Jaime and Patrice!

  7. 10:21 rx – anchored sit ups

  8. 20:??
    I did about 90 double unders, the rest were singles. I had to switch b/c I was beating the tar out of myself

  9. 7:55rx with abmat( did at 8:30)
    Wod # 2 ( 5:30pm) 3 rds 5 L pull ups 10 back sqts (95) 15 push ups: 8:03
    whew!!!!!! 2 days a week going to start doing wods that Meiko guy inspired me 😉

  10. PS sit ups also unachored 😉 and congrats to miss vernice doing her first jump ropes!!!! No more step ups!!

  11. Did a rowing Annie. Rowed 500 meters for each series between situps. Time was 21:31 but that was a great workout. Thanks Erin for suggesting it.

  12. I think my time was 18:something. first time for jump ropes… what a differnce that is from the step ups. Glad I tried it. Anchored sit ups with AbMat-love it.

    Thanks Susan for sending the Wall Street Jorurnal piece re CrossFit for the disabled Marine.

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