Friday, 11 December 2009


100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

For Time

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Compare to 15 JUN 09
Note-Each 100 must be fully completed before moving to next exercise. Order of exercises does not matter.


  1. 20:08 RX Great job Robert, Ben, and Erin! The 6:30's had the "Eye of the Tiger" this morning, so I bet they record some awesome times. Great job guys!

  2. Did tuesdays wod – 15:45. / 95 lbs
    awesome job today guys!!
    * good luck Danny on the half marathon i know you'll rock it!
    * and good luck to our running ladies lisette, rhonda and patrice doing jingle bell tmrw 🙂 dont freeze :-p

  3. 32:55
    Debbie did 25:46
    Nice job everyone!

  4. 21:45 rx keep up the good work everybody! Thanks Erin for being there every morning and supporting us!

  5. 21:37 MOD
    Great to be with everyone today and thanks Erin!
    60 PLU
    40 PU
    150 SU
    150 SQTS
    Good luck to the runners!!

  6. 18:46 Rx–Gluck Danny! Run fast–as if I were right behind you.

  7. 20:15 …or so

    I can never remember my exact times :-p
    Knee PU; 1 1/2 inch band PLU; Unanchored Sit-ups.

    First time to do 100 PLU in boot camp it took me 12:39. Today I did all of those plus 300 more assorted other challenging excercises in 20!! I think I'm making progress! Thanks to everyone in 6:30 am for being such an inspiration.
    Oh yeah…and Erin's Spin Class Rocked!! I just hope I can walk tomorrow.

    Good Luck Danny!!

  8. Way to go 6:30's. Sounds like another great workout. Thanks everybody for the encouragement on my first 1/2 marathon! Ya'll are awesome. See ya Monday.

  9. 29:28 ~ 3'band/knee PU~ Thanks Erin for staying around for me. What a great workout 🙂

    Good Luck Danny!

  10. 21:55

    Have a great run everyone. Debbie and Coby, have a peaceful and restful weekend, you deserve it.

    Michel, great job, good to see you back.

  11. 27:42

    Pull-ups still eat my lunch, but I am improving. Thanks everyone for the great encouragement!

  12. patricelott says

    I forgot my time as usual but it was 21 or 22 something. The last time I did it, my time was 24:57 and those were jumping pull ups.

  13. Hello… can anyone who did Friday's WOD move their arms today???? I can but it REALLY hurts!

  14. How are your arms Vernice? Do they hurt less today?

  15. My left shoulder still hurts. I'm trying not to use it and Aleve 24/7..

  16. I went easy on the PLU and PU Friday as my shoulder and upper arm are just back to normal. I did a lot of heat and Advil and I rested for 2.5 week. Erin was awesome with modifications. Hope you guys get some relief!

  17. Arms are MUCH better today.

    Ready for tomorrow!

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