Wednesday, 21 October 2009

All 17 Soldiers walked away!

Note: Erin is at ER with severe asthma attack.
Do WOD at Health Zone. Sorry for late notice.

Run 400m
15 Overhead Squats (95/65)
30 Push-ups
45 Sit-ups

4 rounds for time

Post time to comments


  1. Hope Erin is ok!! Let us know!

    My time: 35:00 Rx
    Reminded me of the good ol' days being down in the pit! 🙂

  2. Erin – missed you and echo Angie – keep us looped on how you are!!

    20 lb OHS

    Thanks Vernice, Patty and Susan for a great time and workout.
    Good to see everyone today.

  3. 29:00 RX Great job everybody! Erin, hope you are better soon!

  4. **Update just got outta of ER AGIAN!(in late last night and went back this morning) had some pretty severe asthma trouble, I got a Steriod shot (in my butt OUCH!) they gave me some meds for the asthma but the kicker is when they gave me the shot they hit my siatic nerve so now for extra fun i have this deadening back pain :-/ grrrrrh!!(and meds for that ;-p yipie!<-sarcasm) But sorry guys for late notice this hit me outta nowhere! I have had asthma issues my whole life unfortunalty its always like this no warning just suprise! But i will try to bein tmrw, ill post tonight around 8:00 for sure thanks for understandinga and the prayers 🙂 u guys rock!

  5. Get well soon, Erin! Sorry you are ill. I am not sick just busy. I will be back hopefully tomorrow as well.

  6. Bershunda says

    31:14 RX

    Get some rest Erin and I pray everything is ok!

  7. Saturday: 34:40 Rx with outside trail run

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