Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Run 800m
30 Kettlebell Swings (2 pood/1.25 pood)
30 Pull-ups

5 rounds for time

Compare to 24 SEP 2008

Post time to comments


  1. Pure misery!

    4 rounds, 35 lb kb, rx pull ups


    Tomorrow is another day…

  2. 1:01 (55 lb. kettlebell)

  3. Robert says

    56:18 1.5 pood kettlebell–that was enough. I think I am still sweating.

  4. Nicole says

    1:01:13 RX
    All 800's Outside

    I have NO words….

  5. Well I have words…EVA is a B!!!H……

    4 RDS 47.32 800out, 35# KB and 2"PLU

  6. what a colossal piece or s**t that was! ~ 55:36 rx

    *Update on mom*
    she was released last night, thank God nothing was found no heart probs, no brain probs just a freak accident. She will be recovering from the conmcussion for at least the next few months the staples come out in about 10 days, right now she is resting and recovering. Thank all you guys for prayers and thoughts and bearing with me this week iam sorry again if i was a little short or distant, actually today's WOD was the first one i cried in :-p. It showed me how much i really DO need crossfit, i was fighting with myself about doing the wods this week due to lack of sleep, stress etc. But its the only thing i have control over the weight the speed the form its all things that i can get control and just get better at, and im so thankful for all u guys and for crossfit 🙂 …..sorry for the rant!

  7. erin, rant all you want! that's what we're here for…hug and kiss your mom, then get some sleep.

  8. Melanie did 3 rounds,35lb kb,1" band, outside run,31:23.

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