Thursday, 26 March 2009


4-25 yd. Swims (any stroke)
7 PU
14 SU
16 SQ

8 Rounds for time

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  1. Angie


    *Note* We did this on 8/20/08 and it was only 7 rounds that day.

    (…and I still want to know why we didn’t do any of Michael’s “extracurricular” activities between rounds? Would have been way more authentic if you ask me.)

  2. Susan

    woohoo! New favorite workout. I’m going to start doing this one on the weekends. Anyone want to join me?

  3. MP Jimmy

    Sister you were 31.15-Fastest RX female. Congratz! All of you are craking me up!! My time was 24.29. Saying nope to dope!