Thursday, 09 September 2010

Rest Day
5 Responses
  1. Susan

    Erin, I can relate to your picture. I did that a lot! Thanks to Richard for his s-l-o-w reps so I could rest.

    Good day to rest. I think I'll plan a nap this afternoon. :-))

  2. Danny

    Worked out with Lesley. We did Nicole. I got 6 rounds with 100 PLU's. Also practiced DU's. Max today was 64 (new PR). Thanks for the coaching, Erin. Thanks for pushing me Lesley.

  3. Lesley

    Nicole: 6 rounds of pullups, but only 5 running. 75 PLUs with 1" band. Probalby should have taken a rest day since everything is sore from Tues & Weds. (Thanks, Jimmy) Congrats to Danny on getting 64 Double Unders with the low ceilings, too! Missed Melanie & Robert!

  4. Amber

    Since I was unable to lift my arms over my head today. I did AMRAP 20min of 25 situps, run 400. 5 rounds, 25 situps and 250 meters.