Saturday, 08 January 2011

Safety First! 🙂


10 Burpees
20 Double Unders

10 rounds for time

Post time to comments

Compare to 07 AUG 10


Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Run: 60 Min
Row: 30 min
Bike: 60 min
Swim: 30 min

Cover as much distance as possible

Post distance to comments

8 Responses
  1. Coby

    21:31 singles
    PR by 4:29
    fun working out with the 5:30 overachievers. Congrats to Erin on her hanging muscle up.

  2. Michel

    Love the picture!! Thanks guys!
    Singles 4:1
    RX burpees
    5 Minute PR for 4:1
    Singles 3:1 time was 17:11

    Parade, hurray, and intergalactic kudos to Melanie and Lesley for completing the Burpee Challenge!! And Erin, hot stuff on the muscle ups!!! Awesome work everyone and way to go Coby on the PR. Robert, Danny, Chris, I am amazed at that WOD.
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  3. erin

    Ran 6 miles with fleet feet crew
    Thanks guys for all the encouragment!! Great job today everyone
    Rx MU i'm gunning for ya!

  4. Chris Hauger

    GREAT JOB ERIN!!!! Yes, Jimmy (and apparently Jaime as well), she did in fact get her first jumping MU.

    21-15-9 of:

    205 lbs deadlifts (Prescribed 225)
    body blasters (burpee, pullup, knees to elbow = 1 rep)

    The deadlifting monkey really helped 🙂

  5. Lesley

    Congrats on the jumping MU, Erin!! So exciting!

    Impressive WOD by the Body Blasters!

    Oh…and last day of Burpee Challenge! Thanks, Melanie for being my burpee buddy. Fun doing Rooster with Coby & Michel! 18:58, Singles(3:1)

  6. Robert

    Congrats to Erin! First jumping MU!!!Great work on the burpee challenge…Melanie and Lesley!


    225 Deadlifts

    13:19 Rx

  7. Danny

    Melanie said…

    Today was just a great day! SO EXCITED FOR ERIN!!!! Woohoo! Everyone did a great job. Can't believe the burpee challenge is over!

  8. Danny

    Way to go Erin on the jumping MU! Great job to Lesley and Melanie on the Burpee Challenge!

    19:59 on the 21-15-9 WOD with DL (225) and bodyblasters. This is 2:11 slower than last year. Deadlift rehabilitation begins now.