Tuesday, 16 July 2013



Every minute on the minute (EMOM), for 7 minutes, perform:

10 Overhead Squats @ 50% 1-rep max*


rest for 7 minutes, and then do…


21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:

Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

Handstand Push-ups




Post weight and result of OHS EMOM, and time to comments


*If you do not have a 1-rep max, and have no idea what it would be, use (65/45) as a guide.

Also, you can get the weight overhead any way you wish. Squat snatch, as long as you reach full depth will count for the first rep, and first rep only. To be clear, if you drop the weight before reaching the 10, you must get it overhead in the fully extended position before continuing.


  1. schumer says

    65# ohs Rx

    Timed out at ~23:00 I think.
    Got through second round of hspu’s only. Rx
    hspu were not firing today. Kept falling away from wall.
    Finished wod out on floor with militaty press and one armed kb’s.

  2. jboone says

    6 rds +5 T t o B,+burpee long jump, +9 WB

  3. skipped the OHS….still nursing pulled hamstring

    sub 10min for part 2

    today I learned about the infamous goose grab run and will try tomorrow.

  4. 65# RX OHS

    16:12 RX
    My shoulders are smoked.

  5. Robert says

    80# OHS
    17:27 RX

    I am glad I have short hair…not sure I can raise a comb at this point.

  6. Christian Steichen says


  7. Balboa60 says

    OHS @ 65lbs

    WOD: 11:47 (mod – HSPU on the tires)

  8. dscroggins says


  9. beckyedwards says

    Did EMOTM 10 DL @140lbs for 5 min (70% 1rm)

    minute 3 & 4 I was only able to get 8 DL

    21-15-9 WOD: 8:34 rx

    • beckyedwards says

      Then at 4:30 did Death by Front Squats with Christian

      EMOTM add 1 front squat. Made it to the 10 front squat minute @103lbs


  10. Ethan Dennis says

    65# for first 5/6 rds, then 45
    16:00 w/ 35# KB

  11. aragsdale says

    13:16 RX 21-15-9

  12. hgreen0611 says

    12:44 modified hspu and 25#kb

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