Saturday, 15 June 2013


“Deck of Cards”


♥: Slammers (12/8)

♣: Jumping Squats

♠: Shoulder Touches

♦: Power Snatches (75/53)

Jokers: 400m run

All Face Cards: 5 Burpees

All Aces: 10 Burpees



For every numbered card that is flipped, add 10 to the number to get the number of reps to be performed. For example, a 5 of hearts would yield 15 slammers.


For Time (and FUN)!


  1. White Ape says

    Had to modify a bit due to available equipment. But did it with 2 buddies and we did 30 cards in 30 minutes. 75 burpees of the burpees!
    Inclined SU instead of slammers
    Parallel bar dips instead of snatches
    All else was Rx, except the fact that we were in a pee gravel put! That hurts the hands on the shoulder touches!

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