Tuesday, 25 May 2010


21-15-9 rep rounds of:
Squat Cleans (135/95)
Ring Dips

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  1. Michel

    Thanks Robert, Danny, and John for letting me join in for a great WOD and the strong work!! I will be back! Best form yet on cleans — still needs major Windex, but we're getting the roadkill off the windshield.

    30 lb
    1" band ring dips

  2. Robert

    Michel always great to work out with you. Great job John and Danny.

    24:22 but Rx–that was heavy for me but that will make me stronger.

  3. MP Jimmy

    9:14 RX

    The 9's were extremely heavy, legs did not want to work!

    Great job this morning CrossFitters!

  4. erin

    17:38 rx ( and ps i did a clean and front sqt 😉 it was slow but goal was accopmlished 🙂 thanks again for the push J&J 😉 great job today everyone!! Bootcampers nice job on Tabata!!

  5. Anne

    11:38 (21-15-9 rep rounds of: Squat Cleans (10):PU;SU) Even 10 lbs was a workout for my legs! Jimmy, thanks for help with squat cleans!

  6. Danny

    Melanie said…

    10:59/45 # squat cleans/1" band ring dips

    Great job Olivia and Mark, bootcampers, and fun working out with Stacy!

  7. Stacy J

    14:14 rx weight w/band ring dips….wow my hands hurt!!
    Melanie: if you are able to get to the Crossfit journal do a search for Kelly Starrett. All of his stretching stuff is good but you'll want to watch the ones titled "Rebuilding Khalipa". It was great to work out with you!!