Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Row 500m
15 Overhead Squat (95/65)
Row 400m
12 Overhead Squats
Row 300m
9 Overhead Squats
Row 200m
6 Overhead Squats
Row 100m

For Time

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Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Run: 2 x 1 mile, rest 4 min
Row: 2 x 2000m, rest 4 min
Bike: 2 x 3 miles, rest 4 min
Swim: 2 x 100m, rest 4 min

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12 Responses
  1. MP Jimmy

    9:57 Rx

    Any WOD is interesting when a lost lady walks in, after you have started, walks past you like you do not exist, and cannot believe she is in the wrong building looking for a doc's office! I guess she thought Erin, Jamie and I were being punished for being late to our appointment. :-/ 🙂 Luckily I did not loose a lot of time explaining! I love CrossFit! :))

  2. Angela

    11:13 w/ 32# OHS

    I went light on the OHS b/c I followed up the WOD with a brisk 20-mile bike ride.

    I love CF, too!!

  3. Brandy

    22lb ohs unbroken

    Hurting from those bear crawls! Had so much fun tonight with all the ladies!! ( and Jimmy)