Thursday, 20 May 2010

Rest Day
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  1. Doc Haas

    PR – 44.5" three rep max box jump. 27 years of tall and lanky finally paid off…

    Couldn't have done it without the encouragement of Robert, Erin, Jimmy, and Chris. Thanks Chris for setting the bar so high! Can we do that everyday?

  2. Susan

    25" box jump PR by 5". completed 26"x 1 until a mental block and a bruised shin stopped me.

    200m sprints, 2 min rest x 4
    200m sprints, 1 min rest x 4

  3. Anne

    21:11 ~ "Biz" w/modifications

    25 PU
    100 singles
    75 SU
    100 Walking Lunges
    75 SU
    100 singles
    25 PU

    Thanks for the help Jimmy! Great to see you Erin!

  4. Michel

    I slept in till 8 – PR – did Annie – and did Utica Square RX. Novel is this afternoon. I need a nap. This is taxing business.

  5. erin

    Pulled this one outta the cf file, from the wod shop :
    box jumps
    sdhp 65
    kbs 35
    hoping for some answers tmrw from doc tmrw, ( no mojo )
    – Tyler that was flippin awesome this morning! Great job!!
    -micele that sounds like a great day how do I get that job 😉

  6. Robert

    35 inches–How much do we REALLY know about Tyler?

    Does Tyler work for the Daily Planet?
    Does he really wear glasses?
    Is his girlfriend Lois?
    Do green rocks bother him?

    We will all be watching for further clues as to the "real" identity of Tyler. Amazing work today, Tyler!

    Chris says he votes max height box jumps everyday too.

  7. Amber

    40 1/4" 3 rep max box jump. Yes white girls can jump. 32 Years of short stumpy legs has paid off. hhahahahah good job today Steve and Stacy.

  8. Michel

    Robert – I'm thinking the Green Hornet. Gotta keep watch on hand to hand combat skills – Wall Ball Shots and the like.
    Tyler's cool on the Superman front. How do I know this?

    I am KIPtonite.

  9. Stacy J

    30 1/4" box jump…..mental block stopped me from going higher. Amber you did awesome!! Great job Tyler!