Monday, 30 July 2012


Partner A: 27 Pull-ups

Partner B: Max rep Sledge Swings ( 10/8)

Both: 27 Partner Deadlifts (315/210)

Partner A: 28 Calories Rowed

Partner B: Max rep Box Jumps (20″)

Both: 28 Wall-Ball Partner Throws @ 7 meters (12/8)

…now switch


2 complete rounds for time



Post time and total reps to comments



Partner B cannot start until A starts.  A “complete” round consist of each partner performing both A & B parts. Each partner will perform both parts twice to complete WOD. Sledge swings are performed while A is performing PLU’s. Perform all on one side the first time you are B, do the other side the next. Box Jumps will be performed to 2011 Games standard, hips open while on top of box. Wall-Ball Partner Throws are performed by partners sitting 5 meters apart, one partner takes WB back in a sit-up and touches to ground behind head, sits up and throws to partner. Other partner catches WB and repeats. Team completes 27 together, per round.