Friday, 27 August 2010

Hopper Week
Day 5

Final day!

Post WOD with time, reps, rounds, etc. to comments
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  1. MP Jimmy

    In preparation for Saturday's WOD, get your teams ready! On Saturday, we will be doing the "Burpee Mile". Teams need to be 4-5 persons.

    I will post tomorrow the finalized location. It will either be at Union High School track, 69th and Mingo; or at the Union 8th grade Center, 77th and Garnett.

    Time will still be 0830.

    See you in the morning! 🙂

  2. Michel

    "Murph"- I love this WOD. Thanks Susan!
    Run 1 mile
    10 rounds of 10, 20, 30
    100 Pull-ups 1" band
    200 Push-ups Knee
    300 Squats
    Run 1 mile

    June 18 was 57:25. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the Burpee Mile!

  3. Danny

    Great job Michel!!!
    33:33 Kelly RX'd. That's 1:01 slower than last time, but my WB shots were much higher today. Looking forward to the Burpee Mile. Woohoo!

  4. Lesley

    Congrats 6:30 class for doing Murph!
    "Kelly" 45:23 – 20' box, 12 lb wallball, below 10 feet. That was exhausting! Hope legs are working for the Burpee Mile tomorrow. 🙂

  5. MP Jimmy

    I pulled "Fran"! I love Fran, but not at the end of this week!!! I did set 3 PR's this week though! 🙂

    My time on Fran was 4:09. That tied the last time I did it; but I was fresh then, not worn out at the end of a Hopper week.

    See everyone tomorrow am at the track.

  6. Coby

    Played golf for time. 18 holes in 4 hours 8 minutes. I chose wisely.
    Great job everyone. See you next week.

  7. erin

    Ugh…. Fran is a dirty, dirty tramp!!! Don't even wanna post my time not even close to my pr ( nuff said 😉

  8. Robert

    Kelly 32:00 Rx–hopper week is over and now the Burpee mile–FYI last years time is 42:59 with me and 4 non-crossfitters (albeit all great athletes).

  9. Angela

    Oh, Murph, how you abuse me…
    1.75" band (no rips!!)
    Knee PU
    I did this lovely WOD in bootcamp w/ a riser on squats, more modified push-ups and a 2.5" band, rowing, w/ a time of 70:32…so, looks like a PR to me w/ improvements!!
    I hope you all have SO much fun in the morning on your Burpee Mile…I want to see pictures 🙂

  10. Vernice

    Last time we did Murph was June 18th. My time was 70 something. PR by 15 minutes!!!!
    I had two PRs for the week.

  11. Danny

    Melanie said…

    48:28/17" box jumps/12 lb. wall ball then went down to 8 lb. wall ball somewhere in round 2.