Friday, 26 November 2010

Getting the turkey like our forefathers!
Not the same weapon though. 🙂
3-person team WOD
150 Pull-ups
60 Tire Flips (210/180)
300 Sledge Swings (10/8)*
3 Wall-ball Throws 50m (20/12)**
Row 3000m***
For Time
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All members perform equal work. Numbers listed above are team totals, not individual amounts.
*Before moving to Wall-ball throws, all members must have completed 100 Burpees. These can be performed while other team members are performing listed exercises.
**Wall-ball throws: Team member ‘1’ throws ball, team member ‘2’ picks up ball and throws, then team member ‘3’ picks up and throws. This is repeated until reaching 50m mark. At this point, ‘1’ picks up ball, and all members run back to start point. Repeat wall-ball throw. ‘2’ picks up after reaching 50m, and all run back to start point. Reapeat again with ‘3’ running ball back.
***Team members will row 500m at a time, and then rotate. Continue to rotate until 3000m is reached.
8 Responses
  1. Lesley

    Great Black Friday WOD! Thanks, Jimmy!

    Teamed up with Melanie & Carmen…finished 58 something. Lots of fun working out with everyone! I think we should do all WODs outside in the winter!

  2. Robert

    50# Sandbag carry 400 meters
    115# Pushpress (45# DB front squat for chris)
    12 24inch box jumps
    95# sumo deadlift highpull (1.5 pood sumo deadlift for chris)

    CF marina was excellent!

  3. MP Jimmy

    40:51 RX(+)

    The '+' is for Danny and I did the entire WOD as a 2-man team. Thanks Danny! This WOD was fun! Most interesting part was the ball throw. 🙂

    I hope everyone enjoyed the WOD. We had a great turn out. Saturday class is at the nromal time, 0900. I, Danny, and Erin will be running a 10K at 1015. Location to be determined. All are welcome to join.

  4. Vernice

    Team JanSusVer Rocked the house this morning. 48:something, even Jimmy I enjoyed working out with everyone. Great work all!