Friday, 26 Feburary 2010

Just reminiscing, I do miss the old Pull-up bars.

“Jimmy has gone CRAZY”

Run 400m
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

Rest 5 minutes

Row 500m
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

Post time for each and total time to comments
E.G. 4:05 + 5:17 = 9:22

Each set should be done to maximal effort; thus, set 2, should be slower. You can put the row or run set first, you choose your fate! 🙂

12 Responses
  1. Rhonda G

    Hey Jimmy! I did this RX!!

    I think my times were:
    6:01 and 7:14.

    I wrote it on my hand but washed it off before I posted…Duh!
    Thanks Erin for all the encouragement. You knew I could do it.
    6:30 am is the BEST!!

  2. Michel

    1 – 7:25 Run
    2 – 6:44 Row
    RX cept for 1 1/2 " PLU. Which is why I have been tapped for a new reality show "Can you kip better than a 3rd grader". Stay tuned. I was slow on the run but Helen of Troy on the row.

    Robert, thanks for AB Mat Expo 2010! The butterfly got out of the net. Woe is me, but I will keep on with it and Ab isolation technique. There is hope for me yet!!

    Great week with CF and the strong work! Thanks to everyone!

  3. John

    5:10 (run) and 6:29 (row) – butterfly situps. The squats and pushups killed my time. Great job Danny and Robert on the chest to bar PLUs. I'm not worthy…

  4. Robert

    5:05 and 6:15 Rx Abmat BF SU and C2B PLU–the chest to bar do slow me down. Great job to all! John and Danny as always great to work out with you.

    Jimmy, nice to see your posts.

    Erin as always great work!

  5. MP Jimmy

    Rd 1- 4:14 (row)
    Rd 2- 4:16 (run)

    Chest to Bar PLU's. RX everything else.
    I was D-U-N after that!

    Strong work everyone!

  6. erin

    Ok Danny and Robert I did the rx plus!
    Chest to bar and butterfly sit ups on the abmat
    rd1 5:33. Rd2: 6:20. Total: 11:53 🙂 I'll take it
    so proud of you Rhonda!!!!!

  7. Vernice

    7;19 row
    7:16 run
    All RX except PU, I used the 1 in band (getting closer to RX)
    Rhonda, u are now Ms Thang! what an awsome job.
    Hoestly, all of the 6:30s are increasing their intensity.
    I am SO thankful for my crossfit buddies!

    Jimmy, did you see that… a 1 in band, the thong is next!

  8. Michel

    Hey Jimmy – did Helen today.
    35 lb KBS with good form and got the kettlebell high over my head.
    1 1/2 " PLU

    Working on kipping and thanks Jaime for the tips, Stacy for time and encouragement and Amber for being Amber. And Erin, always thank you. Great to work out with the guys too. Well done all!!! Have a great weekend.

    Rhonda – AWESOME sista! Echo you Vernice – we got it going on.

    I got some ships to launch. Helen out.

  9. Stacy J

    Row 6:24
    Run 6:20
    5 PL/U with thong and the rest with 1" band
    Saturday I worked on hand stand push ups and I am getting pretty good at getting into position.