Friday, 14 May 2010


25 Pull-ups
50 Deadlifts (135/90)
50 Push-ups
50 Box Jumps (20)
50 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)
50 Thrusters (65/45)
25 Pull-ups

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  1. Doc Haas

    48:41 heavily modified. I thought this one had me. When at PU 35 I had to go to my knees one at a time I knew I was in trouble. Thankfully Melanie, Erin, Robert, Danny, and Jimmy were there to keep me moving. Thanks morning crew!

    Lesson of the day? Don't choose more than you can reasonably deadlift to start with.

    Deadlifts 135lbs
    PU 35-Rx 15-Knees
    Box Jumps 20"
    KB Swings 3-Rx 47-some wgt Erin handed me
    Thrusters 45lbs
    PLU Med&Sml bands

  2. Robert

    20:58 Rx Nice work Danny, Melanie, John and Tyler. Tyler is an inspiration to watch–what effort! KB 53 pounds

    Nice to have Erin…just like old times! Thanks Erin and Jimmy.

  3. Danny

    19:07 RX Great job everybody! Erin, glad you're feeling better. Vernice, I'm praying for a minimal injury and quick/complete recovery! Tyler, way to persevere. I'm still feeling those crazy overhead, weighted lunges from Wednesday. Hope everybody has a great weekend!

  4. Anne

    26:14 ~ At first glance, I thought this would take me an hour or so. Thanks to Jimmy, Ginna, Cameron and David I finished in under 30 minutes. Have a great weekend all!

    25 PU
    50 DL (note: 42 lb)
    50 SU
    100 step-ups (12")
    50 KBS (10 lb)
    50 thrusters (12 lb)
    25 PU

  5. MP Jimmy

    14:46 RX

    Everyone did AWESOME work today! Way to stick it out. Tyler, you took out a HUGE bite, but you finally got it down! Good job!

  6. Michel

    I MISS YOU GUYS!! Such strong work!! Did Annie today and am in home stretch of semester. 1.5 papers to go by end of day. See everyone on Monday and have a great weekend!!

  7. erin

    25:11 rx ( really thought I was gonna McPuke right after!!) not sure if t
    it was the "sick" or the WOD prolly both! great job everybody it was fun to see the early birds 🙂
    Come on 5:30 p guys in the words of Susan " get outta bed ya bums " 😉
    and ps Susan ( and all others 🙂 the WOD time SAT: 8:30am