Friday, 11 March 2011


25 Pull-ups
50 Deadlifts (135/95)
50 Push-ups
50 Box Jumps (20″)
50 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)
50 Thrusters (65/45)
25 Pull-ups

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Compare to 27 OCT 10
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  1. Michel

    Oh my.. Great work everyone! Congrats to all the PRs!!
    38:19 – RX Weight – PR
    1" Band
    14" Box Jump – Jump On and off (thanks Jimmy)
    Mod PU

  2. Susan

    Rx DL & thrusters
    16" box jumps
    1.5 banded PLU
    Knee PU

    Have fun at the St Pat's run. Run on by the midtown Tatermash….what's another couple miles! :-))

  3. Jaime

    17:05 mods for shoulder as follows:
    banded plu
    100 lunges
    50 abmat situps
    50 box jumps
    50 russian kbs
    row 500
    but I wore a weighted vest to help my ego

  4. Danny

    Melanie said…

    34:54/big band for strict plu, 7 Rx pu and the rest knee, 14" box jumps

    Good job everyone! Have a great weekend!!!!!

  5. MP Jimmy

    15:34 Rx
    Not a PR, but I am happy with only being 22 sec shy. Next time I will not have a sinus infection or tightness of the chest. Then, PR, watch out! 😉

  6. MP Jimmy

    Congratz to all the PR's! A special congratz to Erin for her almost 1 min PR on "Helen", 6-week Palio test!

    My legs are TOAST!!!

  7. Chrissi Lynn Designs

    Great WOD!

    25:06 MOD
    2 3/4" band PLU
    Knee PU
    45# DL
    25# KB
    22# Thrusters.
    17" Box
    Hips are on fire!

    Next WOD…lowering the band on the PU…these were too easy today. 🙂 Getting better and better with my Cardio.


  8. erin

    Aw thanks Jimmy! 😉
    sooooo today marked my paleo 6 week test
    and like I did 6weeks ago I did Helen 3 rds run 400, 21 kbs, 12 plu
    6weeks ago: 12:00
    TODAY: 11:07!!!! 😀 YAY!!!! UBROKEN (excepts last kbs I dropped it :-/
    So the lesson learned boys and girls is PALEO WORKS!! This makes me so stoked! I have been in that fog for a while or felt like I had lost my CF mojo, all I needed was to channel my inner caveman! Next mission angels; MU!

  9. Angela

    28:25 w/ mods:
    1.5" PLU
    75# DL
    Knee PU
    14" Box
    Rx KBS & Thrusters

    I just peeked at my past "300" attempts and great improvement has been made! Almost 2 minutes faster than in October and I went from 65# DL to 75#, 22# Thrusters to 45#, and from RKBS to KBS w/ 1 pood…yippee! That's what I like to see.

    Awesome job on all the PRs and Rx's this week at MPCF! Have fun at the 5k tomorrow, I really wish I could be there 🙁

  10. Robert

    19:31 Rx PR by at least a minute and I think I used a lighter KB for my prior PR. Congrats Erin, Danny, Angela and all the PRs out there.

  11. Brandy

    29:54. I PRed but don't know by how much lol. Did increase kbs and DL weight. And went down on band size 🙂

    1.5" Plu
    75 lb DL
    Knee PU
    17" box
    22 lb thrusters
    30 lb KBS