Wednesday, 24 July 2013

MP CrossFit Tulsa 072413A


“Green Crow”


10 Handstand Push-ups

20 Toes-2-Bar/Knees-2-Elbows*

30 Ball Cleans (20/14)

30 Push-Press (65/45)

20 Overhead walking lunges w/ Kettlebell (35/25)*

10 Chest-2-Bar PLU


2 rounds for time


Rest 5 minutes


Row 500m, ALL OUT!


*Rx is to do T2B on one round and K2E on the other. To do only one is a modification.

Hold the KB extended overhead in one hand for 10 lunges, switch hands, and do 10 lunges. Do not do all 20 in one hand one round, and then switch the 2nd round.



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