Wednesday, 13 April 2022


Join us this Friday, 15 April, for a FREE WOD at any class time. 

No CrossFit experience needed!

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Partner WOD

Row 400m* (at 90% of 500m pace)

3 Rounds for quality of pacing


…Rest 5:00 then…

Row 200m* (at 102% of 500m pace)

3 Rounds for quality of pacing


…Rest 5:00-7:00 then…

Row 1000m* (at max effort)

For time


*Partners split these distances in half each round: 400m=200m/each, 200m=100m/each, 1000m=500m/each


Accessory Work:

“Shoulder Blaster”

10 Side lying shoulder flexion*

10 Side lying shoulder adduction*

10 Side lying external rotation*


3 sets/side

*Weight used is the same for all movements, all rounds. Suggested weight is between 1#-5# plate. Start lighter than you think. If you complete one set you may increase weight, but do not go over 5#. These exercises are designed to be light. Going too heavy can potentially cause injury.



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