Tuesday, 19 August 2014

MP CrossFit Tulsa 081914

Steichen Family Row Team



1-minute Handstand hold

10 Strict Pull-ups

30 Single Jump Rope


2 rounds for quality




Partner WODs

“O’ Happy Tuesday”

WOD 1:

12:00 Cap

2K Row

Max Rep Burpees


As a team, row 2000 meters. Then perform as many Burpees in the remaining time as possible. Only one partner working at a time, on both the row and burpees. Equal work required on row only. Total Burpees is Score.


…Rest 8:00


WOD 2:

As a team, use one bar (135) to perform as many reps as possible in 10:00 of:

Snatch (5 points)

Ground-2-Overhead (3 points)

Deadlift (1 point)


Every minute on the minute, one partner performs as many reps as possible of any of the movements. On the minute, partners change.


Total Score is both WODs added together



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