Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Part 1:

Bike Test, Time Trial

On a stationary bike, achieve max distance in 3 min with the following staging:

Minute 1: no resistance

Minute 2: mild resistance

Minute 3: moderately heavy resistance


Post distance covered in each minute and total to comments


Part 2:

Max rep Bench Press, unbroken, at following weights:

Male, 54 & below: 135

Female, 54 & below: 65

Male, 55+: 115

Female, 55+: 45


Post max reps to comments


Part 3:

Pick any gymnastics skill, work on it for 10 minutes


Post skill and experience to comments


Part 4:

Pick any four stretches, gymnastics WOD or Mobility WOD, and hold each one for 2 minutes


Post stretches and experience to comments