Monday, 23 February 2015

MP CrossFit Tulsa 022315

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 Team Name: Ape Nation

2015 Judges Course is open



Squat Snatch


Start at 55% 1RM. Increase by 5% each iteration.

Focus points for this are:

Hip Explosion, Shrug, Pulling under bar


For Quality



Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

5 Burpee Box Overs (30/24″)

7 Sumo Deadlift High-Pull (95/65)

9 Strict Knees-2-Elbows


For Score



Olympic Wall Squat – 2:00

Overhead Distraction w/ External Bias – 1:30/side

Spine Smash – 2:00



Post Load, Time, and Experiences to comments