Wednesday, 02 March 2011


1000m Row
100 Sledge Swings (10/8)
75 Push-ups
50 Kettlebell Swings (1 pood)
25 Pull-ups
…now reverse it!

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Compare to 17 MAY 10
15 Responses
  1. Michel

    46:17 – 1" Band/Knee PU/1 pood KBS
    Last time was 45:31
    Run 800 and Row 1000
    Knee PU/1 1/2" PLU /25 lb KBS
    PR tucked in there somewhere. Great work everyone and huge congrats to Danny!

  2. Susan


    1000m row
    KBS 1pood 1st 50; 30# 2nd 50
    Knee PU
    banded PLU 1.5 for 1st 30; then 2"

    last time I ran and rowed at 36:02, 25#KBS…too many mods to really compare

    I do like the gymnastic grips for rowing and PLUs. Today was my 1st day to use them.

  3. Jaime

    did a 5k row. Shoulder still sore. 21:52 Stacy, you are still #1 by 3 seconds!! I think it's funny that my 5k row is like 10 min faster than my 5k run.

  4. Robert

    34:44–using the 8 lbs sledge by mistake but for the record I used the heavier 8 pound sledge. Oh well…one day I will do this Rx but not today. Great work to all. Jamie get well soon so I can try to beat your time.

  5. Chrissi Lynn Designs

    46:48 MOD

    Knee PU/25lb Weight for KBS/2 1/2" band PU.

    First time for this WOD…I'm beat! Great workout!

  6. Rhonda G

    39:13 MOD
    Thong PLU, 35 lb KB for first round, 30 lb for second (which I almost tipped over likey the 30#er)
    Knee PU
    Ugh…I'm beat!!

  7. Coby

    1.5" Banded PLU and 30# KB
    20 RX Push-ups, then got smart and modified.
    Rhonda, I too am beat. REST DAY TOMORROW!

  8. Stacy J

    oh by the way it was great to have Lou back with us at 5:30… girls can only go so long without our Proton Lou!

  9. MP Jimmy

    29:27 Rx
    13 sec PR!

    Riddick is a tough WOD, but I like it! I know, sick in the head. 🙂 Great job am'ers in working through the multiple waves for starting.

    For the next couple of Thursday's, which will still be posted as rest days; I will be doing "Skill Workshops". In those, I will pick a few lifts, skills, movements, etc. that tend to be form dependent for optimal execution.

  10. Angela

    Knee PU
    1.5" PLU

    WOWZA, that was definitely tough! Great welcome back after taking 2 days off, thanks Jimmy! So fun being back though.

  11. Vernice

    Just not as quick as I had hoped for.
    1 in band for PLU
    Knee PU
    30 lb KBS
    8lb Sledge swings… I used the heavier 8 lb sledge hammer.
    The PU are what slowed me down this morning.
    Good work everyone.