Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Handstand work
Pick one:

5 minutes of Handstand Push-ups, max reps
5 minutes of Handstand Hold, minimum rounds
100m of Handstand walk, for time

Post WOD choice and result to comments

Additional Handstand work (post WOD): handstand forward rolls


Choose sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

10 x 1-minute ALL OUT EFFORT, rest 3 minutes

Post distance covered to comments
16 Responses
  1. Carmen

    11 rounds handstand hold

    Great job Mel busting out the box-toe hspu's! Wonder if I'll EVER be able to do that??

    Super fun morning with the gang and great to be back after a WEEK!!! Missed you guys – smiling and laughing at 5:30 am is a great way to start the day!

  2. Angela

    5 rounds for 5 mins of Handstand holds…yay! I was so scared to try these, but it wasn't so bad after all…I think I even like 'em! Rhonda and Vernice…great job!

    CFE ~ Row 2509 meters total

  3. MP Jimmy

    HS walk: 12:28

    Will be doing HS hold,RX, and ROW CFE this afternoon.

    Great job everyone on the HS work. Way to train outside your comfort zone!!

  4. Lesley

    5 Min HS hold – 6 Rounds. Improved from October, but still room for improvement! You guys really set the bar high! Wish I could have watched the hand-walkers!

  5. Michel

    5 minutes HS Hold
    4 Rounds
    First time doing this and huge high five to the walkers, wallers, and boxers. Great to be back!!! And LOVED MY CARD. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you!!

  6. Jaime

    hand walked 100 feet in 5:10 wasn't going to try the 100 meters or was it yards? That would have taken forever.Also, lesson learned not to do hand walking near the pull up bars. Got a big ouch on my shin. I think inanimate objects are attacking me.

  7. Rhonda G

    Ok..I win the prize today!

    5 Min Handstand Holds – 10 rounds

    I tried to go longer on each hold but I started shakin' like the bacon!! and had to take a break. Next time, Jimmy, I'm going for single digit!

  8. erin

    Worked on ummm rolling 😉 lol Yoda said "10 forward rolls must you do"
    and I did ( with much screaming 😉 hoping my Jedi powers will get me over my fear of slamming my head on floor! ( yoda already has sat on me a few times 😉
    along with rowing cfe and handstand holds this afternoon
    may the force be with you

  9. Amber

    Rhonda I didn't count but I am pretty sure it was more than 10 rounds and all I to show for my pain is petechiae head.

  10. Angela

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching the hand-walkers…very impressive, Jimmy and Jaime! I totally saw the pullup bar jump out and grab you, Jaime.

  11. Robert

    29:14 Rx handstand walking 100 meters–I think this workout was suppose to be shorter. I appreciate Tim and his coaching on handstands and handstand walking.