Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Back Squat
3 rep max

Post max load to comments

Compare to 05 NOV 09

CFE WOD (3+ hours before/after main WOD):

Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

3 rounds, rest 2 min between rounds

30 sec on, 30 sec off; 30 on, 25 off; 30 on, 20 off; 30 on, 15 off; 30 on, 10 off; 30 on, 5 off; 30 on, rest

Rest is ‘stop’ rest, no forward movement. Cover max distance.

Post distance covered to comments
9 Responses
  1. MP Jimmy

    275 lbs

    I need heavy work on my Back SQ's. 🙂

    I achieved my level II for the Jump Rope Challenge (JRC), 150 unbroken speed skips!!!!

  2. Danny

    225 lbs. I'm at level 2 for the speed skips, but could be there a while. Also, the singles completely undid my muscle memory on the doubles. Major problems on the doubles:( Thanks for the coaching Jimmy!

  3. Michel

    90 lb
    Did BSQ once before in WOD at 45 lb so there is a PR in there somewhere.
    Jimmy, your coaching made the difference and thank you!! Great work 0630.
    At Level 2 for JRC – speed skips cometh.

  4. Amber

    175lbs Good to see Lou and Jaime, it has been a while. Good job everyone. Got my Level One Jump rope. Apparently I looked like a bird in flight but I got the job done.

  5. Jaime

    180 got level 1 for the jump rope. Speed skipping coming soon…
    We need one more person for our mud run team. Right now it is me, Amber, Stacy and my son Mark is anyone interested?