Thursday, 25 November 2011

“Thanksgiving WOD”

3-person team

150 Pull-ups

60 Tire Flips (210/180)

300 Sledge Swings (10/8)*

3-50m Wall Ball throws (20/12)**

Row 3000m***

For Time

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Compare to 26 NOV 10


All members perform equal work. Numbers listed are team totals, not individual amounts.

*Before starting the WB throws, all members must have completed 100 Burpees. These can be performed while other team members are performing WOD exercises.

**WB throws: Team Member (TM) 1 throws the ball, TM 2 picks it up and throws from where the ball landed not rolled, TM 3 picks it up and repeats. This continues until 50m is reached, at this point TM 1 picks up ball and runs it back to beginning. TM 2 then starts the throws over, and the process is repeated. TM 2 runs ball back to start. Repeat again with TM 3 running the ball back.

***TM’s row 500m each and switch until 3000m is completed.