Thursday, 18 March 2010

20 Push-ups (PU)/1 Sit-up (SU)
19 PU/2 SU
18 PU/3 SU
17 PU/4 SU
…and so on, until you reach
1 PU/20 SU

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9 Responses
  1. Danny

    Melanie said…

    "Rowing Annie" Row 500/50-40-30-20-10 sit ups

    18:45/abmat butterfly sit ups

    Great job Robert and Danny!! Hope you are feeling better Patti! We miss you. Hope you can come back soon!

  2. Coby

    What an exciting morning! It was Susan, Vernice, and I and someone had the bright idea to do this workout RX. Thanks to the encouragement of Erin, Susan, and Vernice I did it in 43:55! (about 20 minutes after they finished). Imagine my surprise when I got home and couldn't raise my arms in the shower.
    See everyone tomorrow if I can get up.

  3. Robert

    Great job Susan, Vernice and Coby. The good news, Coby, is the upper half of your body does not get quite as dirty so you should be fine until you can lift your arms.

    17:17 Rx

    Off to the Big Easy–see you on Monday.

  4. Michel

    I've been kipped. Sidelined for a bit as just in from my doctor and have sorely strained some muscles in my back and need to cool my weight lifting jets for about 3 weeks. Any suggestions on stretches or what would be good modifications? Back to box jumps and squats Monday and whatever else. Thanks!

    Well done Coby. You are so worthy.

  5. Ginny

    Think I might try coming back on monday! Been a long 3 wks of pneumonia and bronchitis and now bad ribs…CF might just work it out of me..see my buddies monday:)

  6. Stacy J

    19:29 rx Almost 3 minutes faster than last time. Thanks for staying with me Erin.

    Yea Ginny! Just think, if you hadn't started Crossfit that pneumonia and bronchitis might have killed ya!

  7. Vernice

    26:59 RX
    Sorry for the suggestion Coby. It sounded good at the beginning and once you start RX you heat to give it up.
    But we all three did it RX today for the first time. I think that is awsome! This time last year I couldn't even do one push up RX