Thursday, 17 January 2013


Open Gym @ 1730

Pick a lift, skill, missed WOD, or a WOD you would like to try




Choose a sport:

Run: 600m, rest 3 min; 400m, rest 2 min; 200m, rest 1 min; 200m, rest 2 min; 400m, rest 3 min; 600m

Row:  750m, rest 3 min; 500m, rest 2 min; 250m, rest 1 min; 250m, rest 2 min; 500m, rest 3 min; 750m

Bike: 1800m, rest 3 min; 1200m, rest 2 min; 600m, rest 1 min; 600m, rest 2 min; 1200m, rest 3 min; 1800m

Swim: 200m, rest 3 min; 125m, rest 2 min; 75m, rest 1 min; 75m, rest 2 min; 125m, rest 3 min; 200m


Post sport and sprint time to comments