Thursday, 16 September 2010

Rest Day
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  1. Angela

    Tabata was fun this morning…26 reps!
    1.5" PLU
    Knee PU

    It's great to be back at MP CF…I missed you guys! I had an awesome time in D.C. for the Tri last weekend. I have to share credit for my AWESOME swim time (35:05) with all the upper body work we do at CF…Thanks, Jimmy!

  2. Vernice

    plu were with 1 in band
    knee pu
    anchored su
    squats were where I gained the most points.. 15 each round. I just don't have as far down to go as most of you
    GREAT work out. short but sweet!

  3. MP Jimmy

    I had planned on a rest day; but, I think I failed in that.

    I did yard work for time, 0900-1600; then I ran 5 miles in 38:27, wanted to average an 8:15 min, ended up doing 7:40. Then I taught gymnastics and cheerleading from 1900-2115.

    Not really a rest day! I think I need to re-evaluate my rest plan. 🙂