Thursday, 14 October 2010

Rest Day
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  1. MP Jimmy

    Sorry for late posting. However, I guess I do not need to tell you to "rest". 🙂

    Danny, Erin, and I will be doing a CFE WOD at the Union Intermediate track on Garnett, between 71st and 81st at 1630. All are welcome to join, but bring you own watch.

    Kids will be WOD'n at 1700 at the track as well.

    See ya there.

  2. Michel

    Amber jinxed me with her poltergiest – 50 burpees with vest! Annie, in the fourth round, my rope flew out of the handle. I was in the Buddy Lee twighlight zone. Erin didn't miss a beat, I was like Spicoli in Fast Times. She got me a rope and and I picked up, and she fixed mine. I had a PR in the works, I think, but now I have a bona fide reason for my time…


    Congrats Lesley on your awesome PR!! And bootcampers were on fire today!! Thanks Erin – you rock. Later dudes.

  3. Lesley

    Sorry to hear about the jump rope malfunction, Michel! Fun working out with the bootcampers on Thursdays!

    8:51 w/Singles, PR.

  4. erin

    Did the cfe at the track ( run 200 walk 200 8 rds) great job Amber , Stacy, and Jamie! Oh yeah and this really fast white gurilla! 😉

  5. Amber

    Stacy says……
    CFE at the track. My watch malfunctioned several times so I gave it away. My time was somewhere around 7:30. I saw that white guerilla too…..he passed me twice LOL