Thursday, 11 March 2010

100 Knees to Elbows

For Time

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Note: sit-ups are a 3:1 modification
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  1. MP Jimmy

    If you attempt this RX, get the knees all the way up. If you cannot, but you can do the halfway up or better modification; then do a 2:1 ratio. Otherwise, do the SU mod.

    Too Easy!

  2. Michel

    Loved this WOD. And Robert and Danny you guys were right on about the kip! Working hard on my C formation.

    100 K2E
    150 SU unanchored
    CFE Run 15 minutes

    Great work everyone!

  3. Susan

    300 BF abmat SU.

    Personally I think the abmat makes the SU easier. The BF position seems worthless. Both of these modifications are supposed make SU harder, right?

    Of course, ask me tomorrow if my abs are screaming.

  4. erin

    Worked on snatch today for a while (since my form needs work :-p ;then did some sprint drills ( tabata sprints) / 8rds 20 secs on 10 secs off

  5. Robert

    10:19 RX–nice work–especially Melanie–she was nervous about staying on the bar–I think she stayed on the bar just less time than anyone else! Great work Mel!

  6. Vernice

    300 Situps in increments of 50
    100 Abmat Butterfly
    100 Unanchored
    100 Anchored
    I think my abs are going to FEEL it tomorrow.