Saturday, 12 November 2011


20 Push-ups (PU), 1 Sit-up (SU)

19 PU, 2 SU

18 PU, 3 SU

17 PU, 4 SU

16 PU, 5 SU

…and so on until

1 PU, 20 SU

For time

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Choose a Sport:

Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Run: 3 x (100m, rest, 200m, rest, 400m, rest)

Row: 3 x (125m, rest, 250m, rest, 500m, rest)

Bike: 3 x (400m, rest, 800m, rest, 1 mile, rest)

Swim: 3 x (25m/y, rest, 50m/y, rest, 100m/y, rest)

Post total sprint time to comments


Each rest should equal the previous interval.

I.E. run 100m in 20 sec, rest 20 sec, 200m in 42 sec, rest 42 sec, and so on.