Saturday, 06 November 2010

Run or Row 5K

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Compare to 17 JUL 10
MP will not be open tomorrow. Do WOD at Health Zone or at another location.
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  1. MP Jimmy

    Just a reminder, I have military duties, and Erin has to work at Backwoods. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Patrice

    Well, since my photo was on today's WOD, I was motivated, finally at 10 am, to run. This was my first 3 miler since the marathon and my being sick.TIme for 3 miles was only 36:35 but the good news is each mile got faster: 12:50, 11;59, 11;40. Route 66 5K here I come!

  3. Angela

    Way to go, Patrice!! That's awesome!

    I participated in the RunnersWorld Mock Marathon this morning. I ran almost 11 miles and it was **COLD** at 7:30 this morning!!

  4. Michel

    You go Patrice! Well done and you too Angela!
    Procrastination For Time – Run Tomorrow.
    Happy to report my rope remained affixed to the handles.

  5. Danny

    Angela, yes, 15 miles will be my max distance run in preparation for the White Rock Marathon. We are following the CrossFit Endurance "recipe" for marathon training. It is led by Brian MacKenzie, and he says 15 miles is the max distance for his trainees. We'll do one more 15 miler in 2 weeks.

    Did you run down on Riverside? If so, we probably passed each other. I started at 7;30 and you're right… was COLD:)

  6. Angela

    Yes, the CFE recipe…I want to see how well it all works with you guys; I did a 16- and 18-miler before mine.

    We ran the Rt. 66 course for most of the route, so we weren't on Riverside much.