Friday, 08 January 2010

3 Person Team WOD

Row 1500m
150 Pull-ups
300 Double Unders
210 Push-ups
300 Double Unders
270 Sit-ups
Row 1500m

For Time

Post time to comments

– Each team member does equal amount of reps/distance
– One team member exercising at a time
– Complete each exercise before moving to next

15 Responses
  1. Rhonda G

    6 a.m… We all better get started on time in the morning to finish this one!! Of course I'm talking to myself..haha!

  2. Susan

    Team Coby, Rhonda and me: 53ish! Woohoo!

    Rhonda was a wonder woman on those pull-ups!
    coby was a super man on those Rx push-ups!

    Now out for breakfast with my mom.

    Michel, you missed it!!!

  3. patricelott

    Team of Vernice, Debbie, and Patrice. Time of 60 something. Now that it is over, the workout was sort of fun.

  4. Michel

    I did miss you guys at 630! Looking forward to the next team WOD. Jimmy – make it soon please. I had the pleasure and honor of teaming up with Anne and Melanie at 0930. That was a tremendous workout ladies and thank you for all the support and encouragement! Great team work!!!

    55:40 and I had a 500 M row PR of 2:18 . Whoo hoo! The Chicks of MP CrossFit ROCK! And the guys aren't half bad either.

  5. erin

    Great job today guys! This was fun ( more team wods in the future 🙂
    since we had an even # in the 9:30 class this morning i did a wod from back in may : 3 rds:
    10 deadlifts (135)
    20 kbs (1 pood)
    30 box jumps 20"
    40 sit ups ( unachored)
    ~ 13:45 rx