Monday, 28 March 2022

Join us this Wednesday for a FREE WOD at any class times!

No CrossFit experience needed!



20/16 Calories row

20/16 Calories ski

20/16 Calories bike

Rest 3:00


4 Rounds for total time*

*Goal is negative split times each round




Max handstand hold*

Rest 2:00

2 Sets for total time



Advanced: freestanding handstand (minimum 0:30 hold per round)

Intermediate: wall-facing handstand

Beginner: box handstand



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. Kim Owens says

    Now that’s some cardio!! But I did improve every round

  2. Tested this EWOD last week. Didn’t grab my TT but here were my paces:
    Row: 1100,1200,1300,1400cal/hr
    SKI: 900,975,1050,1125cal/hr
    Bike: 60,65,70,72+(held on for dear life on this last bike)
    SMOKED afterwards!

  3. megancyork says

    Loved this!!!
    I didn’t get all my cal/hr but my splits were

    3:48 (hey I might be understanding how to pace finally )

    24:08 total time

    That last bike was yucky!

  4. Michelle Milstead says

    Pacing is hard!! I thought I started at a good pace, but my legs and lungs were toast on that last bike. Thanks for the push, Jimmy. I had negative splits on everything except the ski. Embarrassed to say that my best ski was the first round.

    Row 800, 900,1000, 1100
    Ski 700, 600, 600, 600
    Bike 50, 53, 55, 59

  5. Ron Sage says

    Total time- 29:51
    Split one 5:57
    Split two 5:36
    Split three 4:52
    Split four 4:26

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