Wednesday, 15 December 2021

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Partner WOD

60 Single arm devil presses (50/35)

40 Dumbbell box step ups (24/20″)(50/35)

20 Rope climbs (12′)

40 Alternating arm dumbbell push-ups

400-ft Single arm dumbbell overhead walking lunges (50/35)*


For time

(35:00 cap)


*Special instructions:

Equal work required, one person working at a time. Each athlete uses the same dumbbell throughout workout. On overhead lunges, switch arms every 50-ft



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. Partnered with Debbie D
    30 Cal

  2. megancyork says

    Partner was Sandy
    I used a 25# dumbbell, taking it easy on my shoulder, had to modify most of my rope climbs

    102 cals

  3. 25:32 and 102 team Smegan
    25# DB for me and rope progression ouchies

  4. Michelle Milstead says

    118 cal

    25# DB

  5. Wade and Christa (we need a better team name)
    21:29 Rx
    Since everyone else has posted it…
    162 cals.
    That felt great!

  6. Partner with Ryan 22:36 I think
    Ryan was rx, I did 55+ weights of 40# db and 20″ box
    180 calories

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