Friday, 26 November 2021

Black Friday will have two WOD times, 0900 and 1200. Saturday class is normal time.


“Black Friday”

Partner WOD

20 Clean and Jerks* (175/115)

40 Handstand Push-ups

600m Run (partner A only)*

80 Wall-Ball Volleyball Tosses* (20/16/14) @ 8′

200 Double Unders

80 Wall-Ball Throws (20/16/14) @ 5m

600m Run (partner B only)*

40 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

20 Deadlifts (325/215)


For Time

Compare to Friday, 29 November 2019


*Special instructions:

-Only one partner working at a time, except during the run/burpee portions.

-Squat C&J

-When one partner is running, the other is performing max rep burpees. If inclement weather, row 750m.

-WB Volleyball Tosses consist of partners facing other on either side of a 8′ target, partner A performs a WB shot throwing the ball over the target, and partner B catches, performs a WB shot and returns ball over the target. Each throw is one rep. If ball doesn’t make it over, rep does not count. If ball is dropped, both partners perform 5 penalty burpees.

-(Male/Co-ed/Female) Rx WB weights



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. megancyork says

    Partnered with Michelle
    107 burpees

    I used the same weight as Michelle since I’m coming back from sickness.
    Dubs felt good though. Michelle and I held a good pace.

  2. Michelle Milstead says

    63# C&J, feet on box HSPU, 14#WB for both, DU attempts, 35#KB, 113# DL

  3. Michelle Milstead says

    86/50 burpees
    63# C&J
    8# WB
    35# KB
    103# DL

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