Tuesday, 10 August 2021



Pick two of the three, rest 10:00 between

Option 1:


Max reps rope climbs (12′) in 2:00


For score


Option 2:


Max unbroken WB shots (20/14)@(10/9′)


For score


Option 3:

As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of*:

1 Strict pull-up

1 Wall-ball shot (25/20)@(10/9′)


For total reps

*Add one rep of each exercise each round



Post choices, results, and experiences to comments


  1. White Ape says

    WOD’d with Steve at noon. Due to injuries, he couldn’t do any of the posted wods. And since he was the only attendee, I let him pick any board WOD. He chose the hero WOD…
    7 muscle ups
    21 burpees
    5 rounds

    I did it Rx with bar mu’s
    1:50 PR!!

    Here is my break up of MU’s:
    Rd1: unbroken
    Rd2: 4/3
    Rd3: 3/2/2
    Rd4: 3/2/2 (last one was chicken winged (cw))
    Rd5: 3/2/1/1 (attempted to connect the last two, failed the last one, so I dropped off and did a single)(last two were cw)

    Super happy with PR! MU’s work over the last month definitely paid off!!

  2. Michelle Milstead says

    I chose option 1 and option 2.

    Option 1
    6 rope climbs
    I was really happy to complete 6 because my goal was 3. I had 15 seconds left on the clock and wish I had attempted a 7th.

    Option 2
    20 WB shots
    I did this not too long ago with a 10# WB and got 24 (even though I dropped early on that one too). I was happy that I completed 20 at 14#, but I still think I had a few more in me. I’ll attempt this again at open gym.

    Overall pleased with the 2 board WODs!

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