Tuesday, 06 July 2021

A fun 4th of July WOD with the MP family!  Strong work Apes!


“Pick Your Poison”

500m Row

Rest 1:30


10 Rounds for time




1000m Row

Rest 2:00


5 Rounds for time




2000m Row

Rest 3:00

2000m Row

Rest 3:00

1000m Row


For time



Post results and experience to comments


  1. Christa says

    Total time: An eternity
    Row 500m x 5 10:23.9
    Ski 500m x 5 11:38

  2. Henry Smith says

    Option 2

    Total time 18:38.7
    I was playing with my damper trying to figure out what felt best. 5.5, 4.5, 3.5, 7, 6.

    For this drill 5.5-6 felt best. On the lower damper I had to increase stroke rate to try and keep up and my time still fell off.


  3. Ben Hanzark says

    Option 2
    Time 21:46.9

    Good work

  4. Michelle Milstead says

    Option 1 and I am pleased with my score. I worked on driving with my legs and avoiding the early lean. I also worked on a faster start. Damper 4 setting seemed to be the best fit. My last row round was my best round.

    Average 2:15
    Last 212.9

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