Friday, 23 April 2021


MPCF Board WODs:

Max reps rope climbs (12′) in 2:00


For score


…rest 7:00 then…

Max unbroken WB shots (20/14)@(10/9′)


For score



At 60-65% 1-rep max clean & jerk, perform the following:

1 Push press

1 Push jerk

1 Split Jerk


5 Sets for quality of lifts



Post results and experience to comments


  1. megancyork says

    Rope climbs 3

    Wallballs 30 Rx

    Spicy SWOD: gotta work on my split jerks.

  2. Christa says

    RC: 7 Rx
    WB: 36Rx
    Swod : 65% (95#) felt better as I kept lifting.

  3. 7 rope climbs
    47 wall balls
    I am disappointed in this. Dropped that ball way sooner than I wanted and instantly regretted it. Didn’t even step into that pain cave. Suck it up more next time Sarah!

  4. Michelle Milstead says

    27 modified rope climbs (Sarah taught me footwork after class and I got my first rope climb!)

    24 wall balls (12#)
    Not even sure why I stopped. I was off on my catch and just dropped the ball and stopped.

    SWOD 65% (57#) learn what a push press is!

  5. Henry Smith says

    Made this up 5/13

    Rope climb – 11 took my time pacing. My grip started to give and slipped towards the end. Good forearm burn.

    Wallballs – 40. I had two no reps. On the last no rep I was disappointed and caught ball standing. I think I could have gotten maybe 10 more.

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