Saturday, 13 March 2021

Come join us at our new location: 6024 S. Sheridan Rd.

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2021 CrossFit Games Open WOD 21.1

1 Wall walk

10 Double unders

3 Wall walk

30 Double unders

6 Wall walk

60 Double unders

9 Wall walk

90 Double unders

15 Wall walk

150 Double unders

21 Wall walk

210 Double unders


For time

(15:00 cap)



Post results and experience to comments


  1. 225 rx

  2. 294 Rx
    This is my 6th Open and I will say that the energy in the gym today was the best I’ve ever experienced. ❤️
    Thank you to all those who brought their families in, who stayed late or showed up early to cheer on earlier/later heats, and/or showed up just to cheer us on!
    I love our MP fam so much. Go Ape Nation! You all kicked some serious butt today!

  3. Talia Prideaux says

    383 Scaled
    This was an awesome experience! I enjoyed it and now know what the pain cave truly is! Lol great push by all! Love oour MP Family!

  4. White Ape says

    388 Rx
    12:35 tie break time

    I am pleased with my score. I think I can strategize and be a little better, but I tweaked my left knee on the set of 150 dub’s. 🙁 I will probably not re-do this one.

    I echo what Coach Sarah said, the energy was GREAT!! Lots of fun with everyone that showed up! So proud of all the hard work everyone is putting out to start this Open season off right!!

  5. 219 Rx
    Tie break: 11:22
    It was an AMAZING day!! So proud of everyone!! 2021 will be our best year yet!

  6. 114 reps scaled with a tie break time of 11:13
    I got through 4 of 9 WW
    This WOD was TOUGH but great! Got to WOD with Gene and had the best/most terrible time! Great, strong work everybody!! It was so fun to have friends and family out to support everybody.

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