Friday, 05 February 2021

Come join us at our new location: 6024 S. Sheridan Rd.

“Bring-a-Friend Friday”

Skill Work:

4 Negative push-ups with 4 sec count down

Rest 1:00


4 Sets for quality



Partner WOD*

1:00 work at each station, with 0:30 transition:

Double dumbbell thrusters (50/35)

Calories on rower

Wall-ball sit-up throws

Calories ski erg


Calories on assault bike

Partner tire flips


2 Rounds


For total score

* One partner working at a time, with exception of the sit-up throws where partners are working together



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. Partnered with Henry! I scaled DB thrusters (25#), plu progressions, we did a 12# WB and both did the boys 210# tire flip. Henry was RX’d, great work!
    Total 308 pts (163+145)

  2. Talia Prideaux says

    Partnered with Michelle
    245 (122 + 123)
    15# DB snatch
    10# WB
    155 tires
    Great, fun WOD!

  3. White Ape says

    176 rd 1
    170 rd 2
    346 total, all Rx

    Great WOD! Tiring but fun!!!

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