Wednesday, 03 February 2021

Come join us at our new location: 6024 S. Sheridan Rd.


Skill Work:

3 Wall walks

10 Ring rows w/ feet elevated

Rest 1:00


3 Sets for quality



30 Box step overs (30/24″)

1 Bar muscle up

25 Box step overs

2 Bar muscle ups

20 Box step overs

3 Bar muscle ups

15 Box step overs

4 Bar muscle ups

10 Box step overs

5 Bar muscle ups


For time

WOD courtesy of BATTLEGRID Online Competition.

Per competition scaling options are (24/20″) box and pull-ups.



Post results and experience to comments


  1. megancyork says

    5:56 scaled
    Pull-ups felt so good today!!

  2. Talia Prideaux says

    20″ box
    Plu progression
    Ring muscle ups w/blue band

  3. Henry Smith says

    10:33 rx!

    Did all single MUs. I didn’t try to connect any. No failed reps. Last two I did chicken wing.

  4. White Ape says

    8:41 Rx
    Fun WOD!
    Need to work on my MU’s more!

  5. 10:41
    Mod: PLU/purple banded dips (2/2,3/3,4/4,5/5) for MU.

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