Friday, 13 November 2020


MPCF Fitness Challenge WOD

20 Burpees

20 Sit-ups

20 Squats

20/16 Calories rowed

80 Single-unders


4 rounds for time

(20:00 cap)



Find a 3-rep max hang power clean



Post results and experience to comments


  1. Deborah Denton says

    Cap 21:36

  2. Wade Bietz says

    19:16 ex, 235 x3…92%, last one was ugly, need to be faster burpee in conditioning

  3. Kile Young says

    22:00 Rx; burpees need to pace with brief pauses similar to pacing when rowing and maintaining a mid to upper 20 s/m
    170# x3 (~92%)
    *Attempted 190# x3 and got 190# x1 PR (board RM score is 185#)

  4. 22:46 for the CWOD and it was gross. Felt like I paced myself pretty well, burpees are getting faster for me! Row could’ve been more consistent but the fatigue set in and I had a hard time in the pain cave.

    SWOD 3 reps @ 105# my “95%”, lifts felt really good and probably could’ve gone heavier if time allotted. One thing I need to work on is the timing of my scoop – I’m doing it in the wrong place, will work on in Iron Club.

  5. 21:20.3
    Mods (resting shoulder)
    Sub run for burpees (300/200/200/200)
    Sub bike for row

    Legs are JELLO!

  6. CWOD: 17:23
    That one gave me Fran lung more than Fran.
    SWOD: 128#

  7. Henry Smith says


  8. 21:24
    2@133 failed the 3rd
    13# PR

  9. 19:24 – slowed a little on 3rd and 4th round

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