Friday, 23 October 2020



Row 500m


For Time

Compare to Wednesday, 19 February 2020


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

2 Bar muscle-ups

6 Handstand push-ups

8 Hollow rocks

300m Run


For score

(run is worth 1 point per 25m)



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. 500 m row – 1:39.4, damper at 7. Focus on middle 150 not to lose pace

  2. Ron Sage says

    Time 1:46
    26-27 str. Per min
    Damper 6.5

  3. megancyork says

    6 sec PR FINALLY BROKE 1:56!!!

    81 points… was out on my 3rd run when time was called.
    Kipping PLU looked and felt amazing with wodndones instead of bear komplex. Strung 3 together consistently!!

    Big day for Megan!

  4. Deborah Denton says

    Row 2.31.6 7 sec Pr
    64 pts modifified everything

  5. Kile Young says

    Row 1:41.7
    28 st/m
    With 200m I llet time fall to 1:45; loss of ~3s could not get them back
    Remember to push through with the heels so butt doesn’t come off of the seat.

  6. Wade Bietz says

    1:35.5 went 28, 29 st 200 little too fast

  7. Kyle Kirkpatrick says

    Row 1:29.1

  8. 145.5 about a sec slower than last time. NTFS. Started at 1:44 pace. Start out a little faster.

  9. Michelle Milstead says

    Row 2:09
    84 points with modifications on bar muscle ups and handstand pu

  10. White Ape says

    I did not set a PR, but I am ok with the result. Especially since my shorts got caught under the seat TWICE! Do NOT wear the red, white, and blue 2POOD shorts.

    As far as the CWOD, I did 100 reps, 150m shy of finishing 4 rounds.

  11. 1:44.7 (2sec PR)
    Stroke rate 29

    NTFS: Wait on goal speed a bit longer in first 100m. You went out a little hard this time and drifted off when I had 200m to go. Picked it up on last 100m but it was slightly too late.

    Keeping stroke rate down a bit is definitely the way to go. Keep core tight too.

  12. 1:56.2 still trying to find a good stroke pace for myself before losing allllll the gas!

    76 on the CWOD. Did 3 chest to bar (felt great today!) and 3 ring dips (with one strap of red band.) as progression for muscle ups. #goal…will get muscle ups next time!

  13. 1:54:00!! Shaved at least 6 seconds off my PR, tried to stick around 27/28 s/m, the 200 m mark slowed me down the most.

    77 pts for the AMRAP – almost 3 full rounds, tried for 150 m run at the very end and was 25 m shy

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