Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Skill 1:

3/3 Hollow Rock to Arch (3 ea direction)

1:00 Rest

10 Double Dumbbell Maltese Press*

1:00 Rest

5 Sets

*moderate weight, but each 10 should be done unbroken

FC Skill challenge:

Max reps single-unders

2 Attempts



EMOM for 15 minutes:

1 Squat clean (70-75% of 1-rep clean)*


For quality of movement
* maintain same load throughout all rounds



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. Jump rope single unbroken – 669

  2. Deborah Denton says

    Jump rope 50

    Squat cleans. 37#

  3. Wade Bietz says

    210 singles, bad attitude

  4. Kile Young says

    529 Singles

  5. Henry Smith says

    217 – calves and feet were tired.
    205 #

  6. 247 singles
    SWOD at 113#
    Great work today!

  7. 230 singles
    SWOD @ 68#
    Felt pretty good today even though I complained a lot prior to!

  8. Matt Smith says

    147 – jump rope

  9. Michelle Milstead says

    17 singles SWOD @32#
    No, I didn’t leave a number off my jump rope score!

  10. 112 or 113 on Singles. Look out games, here I come! 😉
    SWOD: 113# felt great!

  11. megancyork says

    387 singles

    SWOD 105#

  12. 171 in single unders, smacked myself right in the ankles or I’d have gotten more. I didn’t attempt the second round, maybe should’ve knocked my first round out sooner in the WOD.
    SWOD – 83# squat cleans felt GOOD, worked on driving under the bar and bouncing out of the squat.
    Last few were much better, bar felt lighter and easier to move.

  13. White Ape says

    Not a good jump rope day for me. :/ I kept trying to do doubles.
    88 reps was the best of my two. However, on my third attempt, I intentionally stopped at 300.

    Loved the skill work and the SWOD! Did the EMOM at 225, with no issues.

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